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Natural Dyed Beeswax Herbal Candles
Natural Dyed Beeswax Herbal Candles
Natural Dyed Beeswax Herbal Candles
Natural Dyed Beeswax Herbal Candles

Natural Dyed Beeswax Herbal Candles

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Handcrafted with 100% pure Ontario beeswax ūüźĚ

Beeswax candles are not only beautiful; with a soft golden glow and a pleasant honey aroma, they have zero toxicity and contains NO genetically modified organisms and is non-allergic and well proven to purify the air.

*For these handcrafted candles please indicate (up to 3) herbs that you would like incorporated into your candle.
Herbal Choices:
catnip, thyme, basil, mullein, motherwort (limited), cedar, white sage, 
sweetgrass, juniper, yarrow, tulsi, wild magic, basil, rosemary, marigold,   hibiscus, roses, mint

Magick flows where intention goes.¬†ūüĖ§
These beauties are intended as Altar candles to be used for deeper work of release, purification, protection, dreamwork, to clear negative energies and stagnation; ultimately allowing energetic space for new growth. 
All Candles made by me.



A strong, banishing color, black is associated with transition, protection and rest. Burn a black candle to absorb negativity, break a bad habit, or mark the end of a phase in your life.  Many protective spells include a black candle.

Used for energy, health, vitality, vigor, and is used to represent the element of Fire.¬† Red is the color of sex, love, power and vitality.¬† A red candle draws these qualities to you, and aids you in any work that requires strong, fiery energy.¬† A red candle is often used in conjunction with black‚ÄĒburn the black candle first to banish negativity, then the red candle to draw in fresh energy.¬† (So-called "dual action" or "reversible" candles combine red and black into one candle.)


The color of mystery and magic, purple is associated with psychic matters.  Use a purple candle for divination, astral travel, and to strengthen your connection to your higher/psychic self and the unseen realms. Historically the color of royalty, purple is also suitable for magick related to wishes, ambition, sovereignty and authority.

*Custom Candles dressed with your intentions, herb & crystal choices are allways welcome! If you don't see something here that you'd like to incorporate please message to discuss possibilities and options*

**All candles should be burnt under supervision and in a fire proof container.**

***These candles do have a tendency to spread as they burn, therefore it is best to leave a 1-2 inch diameter space around the candle. This is great for divination/ reading shapes, symbols, images in the wax!***