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Goddess Discovery Book
Goddess Discovery Book
Goddess Discovery Book

Goddess Discovery Book

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The Goddess Discovery Book is here to give you tools to help you awaken and connect to the power of your inner Goddess.

Overflowing with knowledge and tools to help you tune in to your inner power and start or continue your spiritual journey inward. 

The details:

☾ 8.5"X11" Softcover book with 57, full-color, perforated pages

☾ Book includes 8 chapters with text, crafts, cut-out divination tools, 2018 moon phase calendar, printable download for the 2019 moon phase calendar, 5 coloring pages, and more! See images for table of contents. 

☾ Pages have a light sheen to them. Coloring pages will work best with colored pencils, crayons, or sharpie markers. Gel pens will not work.

The Goddess Discovery Book + Crystal Kit Bundle 

This bundle includes The Goddess Discovery Book, accompanying crystal kit, cloth baggie for your crystals, and a crystal identification card.  Crystal kit is to be used with the love crystal grid, abundance crystal grid, and crystal cards within The Goddess Discovery Book

Crystal Kit Details:

This crystal kit includes 18-23 crystals (dependant on the size of stones available), a card to help you identify each stone, and a cloth baggie to store them in.

This crystal kit includes the following stones: 

  • 1 medium quartz point or 2 small quartz points
  • 1 medium carnelian
  • 1 medium malachite or 2 small malachite
  • 1 medium snowflake obsidian
  • 1 medium rhodonite
  • 1 medium citrine
  • 1 medium moss agate
  • 1 medium amethyst
  • 1 medium smoky quartz
  • 2 small kyanite or 1 medium kyanite
  • 2 small howlite or 1 medium howlite
  • 2 small tiger eye or 1 medium tiger eye
  • 2 small rose quartz or 1 medium rose quartz
  • 2 small sodalite
  • 2 small green aventurine or 1 medium green aventurine
  • 2 small hematite or 1 medium hematite