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KW'ENIKWÁY Wild Poplar Salve

KW'ENIKWÁY Wild Poplar Salve

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KW'ENIKWÁY (kwa-in-i-kway) is the Squamish name for cottonwood (also known as poplar).

This amazing and fragrant resin from the leaf buds has many wonderful properties for topical use. The kw’enikwáy salve contains wild harvested leaf buds, organic coconut oil and vitamin e oil to create a soothing and wonderful salve that can be applied to sore muscles, aches and pains

Instructions: Rub on chest to reduce congestion. Use topically on small scrapes, minor burns and irritations or sore muscles

*Allergy Alert: Do not use if allergic to Aspirin or Salicin or if pregnant.*