Mullein Torch/Hags Taper/Witches Candle - Pair

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Throughout history, humanity has been dipping dried mullein stalks in beeswax and using the resulting "candles" or torches as a source of light and for support during a variety of rituals & ceremonies.

I have handcrafted these Witch's Candles with mullein I wild-harvested myself from my forest walks in the Ottawa Valley & beyond. The beeswax used, comes from True Bee Honey, a local, family-owned & operated apiary just outside Ottawa in the beautiful Seaway Valley. The wax I use is raw and unfiltered (I filter it myself) carrying with it the sweetest scent of honey and magick! The additional herbs are homegrown or ethically & Lovingly wildharvested.

When burned, these candles are a tool for:

  • banishing bad influences within the home
  • connecting with Elemental Seasonal Spirits.
  • Ancestral reverence
  • Seasonal rituals
  • purifying the air within your sacred space
  • to repel evil spirits and harmful magic.
  • calling in loving spirit nourishment 

Made withe wild-harvested mullein stalks and anointed with raw, unfiltered beeswax from lovingly cared for bees; homegrown calendula, bee balm, lavender, rue, marigold, russian sage, rose petals...

***Recommended for outdoor use only. The flame on these flare high with sparks. Please use it under careful supervision!***

*Leave choice of herbs in notes. Size Varies*


-listing is for TWO(2) candles

-Witches' Candles burn approx. 5-10 minutes per inch
-it is best to burn entirely once lit (however, you may dip safely in water to extinguish and cut stalk to save for multiple uses)
-these torches burn very brightly.