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White Tail Deer Skull Pendant

White Tail Deer Skull Pendant

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Odocoileus virginianus - Male White-Tailed Deer, drop their antlers every winter and regrow them in the spring. Antler tissue is one of the fastest growing tissues in the animal world and allows the mature stag to grow a full rack in just a few months. 

Stag Spirit Medicine:

as Wayshower – No path is too steep or stony.*
as Protector – Speed will outrun most persuers.*
as Challenger – Where is the truth in what you seek?*
as Helper – Your life is full of power.*   

The Stag and Deer are symbols of travel, shape-changing or change in general, swiftness, keen scent and gracefulness. They also have the duality as a symbol of death and rebirth because of their antlers and the natural process of shedding and regrowing them every spring.

Pendant includes 24 inch chain. 

Skull Dimensions: 40mm x 55mm x 20mm