Feather Earrings

Earrings belong to one of the oldest ornaments that were worn by various cultures throughout time. There are multiple reasons to wear Earrings as –

Since ancient times, men and women adorn earrings for their societal, magical, ritualistic and religious significance in a very unique and individual way.

Adornment is an expression of the soul and a symbol of prosperity and protection.

Throughout many ancient civilizations, feathers are often used in ceremonies, as ceremonial attire and are considered to be very sacred. To this day our fascination and love of feathers continues, and feathers find themselves in our lives.

Feathers can remind us to move freely through life, and notice when we need to change the direction we are travelling. The feather often represents strength and growth, as well as hope and freedom. Birds fly freely in the clouds, closest to the spirit realm. The feather teaches us faith and hope in ourselves and in the universe.

The symbol of a feather holds meaning for us in our own unique ways.