Ritual & Anointing Oils

Oils are hand blended with intention to be an energetic ally in your Spiritual workings and on your journey. They can be used to anoint the body; place a drop of oil on the skin — often on a pressure point or forehead — on a charm, amulet, talisman, crystal, or candle.

***When you anoint the candle, focus all of your thoughts on the outcome of the intention you are manifesting in the candle. Imaging the energy coming out your fingertips, charging the oil and that energy permeating the candle which will then be carried up through its flame.

To draw or attract something to you, rub oil on the candle in an upward motion starting from the middle to the top of the candle and then going from the bottom to the middle of the candle.

To have something leave or be taken away from you, rub the oil starting in the top of the candle to the middle, and then from the middle of the candle to the bottom, taking care never to rub the oil in a back and forth motion.***