Root Chakra Stones

Baltic Amber: Draws disease from the body and protects against negative energies. Increases feelings of calm and peace. 
Agate: Increases security and self-confidence. Grounding and balancing. Because of its many different layers it can bring new information and characteristics to surface.
Botswana Agate: Soothing, comforting and protecting. Supports solution seeking and resilience. Increases strength.
Bloodstone: Uplifting and protective, facilitates clarity, decision making and motivation. Boosts energy.
Lava Rock: Associated with earth and fire elements. Ignites the fire of the kundalini and increases energy.
Picture Jasper: Increases creativity, confidence, energy and strength. Encourages independence and leadership. Assists in breaking old habits.
Picasso Jasper: Decreases stress and promotes resilience. Increases clarity and solution seeking.
Mookaite: Associated with mother earth. Promotes energy and life force. Strengthens the instincts and senses.
Smoky Quartz: Protects from negative energies,  enhances survival instincts, grounding and centering.
Black Onyx: Known as the stone of strength. Increases concentration and determination. Grounding, protecting and balancing.
Hematite: Protects, stabilises and grounds. Increases clarity and mental organisation. Shifts negative energy out of the aura.
Tigers Eye: Grounding and protective. Increases self-discipline and personal power. Helps one to see clearly, without subjectivity. Brings good luck and prosperity.
Garnet: Increases energy, regeneration and vitality. Balances emotions and protects against stress. A stone of manifestation – it brings dreams into reality and reveals ones purpose in life.
Carnelian: Stimulates motivation, leadership and courage. Attracts prosperity, joy and good luck. Helps overcome difficulties and assist in times of money venturing.
Citrine: Attracts abundance, prosperity and success. Increases creativity and imagination. Attracts love and happiness and acts as a protective shield against negative energy.
Lemon Quartz: Increases creativity, optimism, organisation and a general sense of health and well-being. Increases clarity of thought and happiness.
Sunstone: Increases happiness and optimism. Boosts enthusiasm, independence and originality. Lifts depression. Brings good luck, fortune and prosperity. 
Serpentine / Soocho Jade: Facilitates healing and personal growth. Increases peace and calm. Attracts love and abundance.
Golden Tigers Eye: Grounding and protective. Increases self-discipline and personal power. Helps one to see clearly, without subjectivity. Brings good luck and prosperity.
Amazonite: Calms the soul. Facilitates personal growth and being true to ones self and others. Increases rationalism, and objectivity and balances the emotions. 
Rose Quartz: Raises self-esteem and teaches us to love to ourselves. This stone of unconditional love opens the heart chakra to love in all of its forms. Lowers stress and soothes.
Red Coral: Love, prosperity, peace and strength.
Jasper: Calming and soothing. Encourages determination and solution seeking. Increases spiritual connectedness to the earth, nature and the universe.
Pink Zebra Jasper: Calming and soothing. Encourages determination and solution seeking. Increases spiritual connectedness to the earth, nature and the universe.
Unakite: Nurturing and harmonizing. Increases patience, determination and resilience. Balances emotions and alleviates feelings of overwhelm. Increases mindfulness.
Indian Agate: Increases relaxation, tranquility, comfort and peace. Encourages physical, spiritual and emotional healing to the wearer.
Ocean Jasper: The stone of Atlantis. Increases spiritual wisdom and resonates with karmic energy. Alleviates stress and anxiety and clears emotional blockages. Increases patience.
Impression Jasper: Develops inner peace, emotional healing, love and understanding. Attracts abundance and success and increases self-confidence.
Tourmaline: One of the most protective and loving of all stones. Alleviates stress and anxiety. Increases clarity of thought, objectivity and rationalism.
Black Veined Rhodonite: Loving, healing and calming. Heals the heart and relationships. Balances emotions and soothes the soul. Increases self-esteem and confidence. Decreases hasty decision making.
Moss Agate: The gardeners stone. Balancing and strengthening. A stone of new beginnings. Cleanses the aura eliminates negative energy. Boosts mental and emotional clarity.
Green Aventurine: Attracts luck, wealth and prosperity. Encourages personal growth. Enhances intellectual development and learning. Balances emotions.
Morganite: The stone of unconditional love.  Strengthens compassion, patience and empathy. Heightens spirituality and universal love. Soothes the soul and alleviates burdens and pains of the heart. Morganite is a type of aquamarine. 
Ruby Zoisite: Unifies patience and passion. Boosts individuality and independence in relationships and restores peace and calm, balancing the aura, especially in times of stress.
Peridot: A close relative of the diamond, born by fire of molten rock in the earths mantle. A stone of transformation, it assists in times of change. Has a vibration of increase and stimulates manifestation. Releases emotional blockages, encourages forgiveness and heals emotional wounds.
Prehnite: Powerful and uplifting. Increases peace and calm. Opens the mind, increases receptiveness and wisdom. Lights the way to enlightenment and aids in spiritual connection. Strong healing capabilities. Assists in trust and letting go.
Malachite: Absorbs all negative energies in the aura and the environment. Balances emotions and assists in times of change. Alleviates procrastination, confusion and anxiety and promotes taking well thought out, conscious, positive action.
It should be noted that malachite should only be worn in polished form (like ours) and if it does crack or break – do not breathe in the dust because it contains copper and is toxic.
Turquoise (Stabilised): Assists in communicating the truth and articulating ones inner wisdom. Increases energy and wards off depression. 
Blue Aventurine: Brings good luck with money and abundance. Increases peace and happiness and relieves stress and emotional blockages. Improves career paths and bring clarity to situations.
Sodalite: Stimulates living according to own beliefs and values and thereby live a more authentic life.  Brings inner peace and aids in endurance and will power. Develops intuition
Lapis Lazuli: Unifies the mind and the voice bringing clarity and objectivity of thought and speech. It helps filter the important and the unimportant, to understand and reflect. Teaches compassion and spiritual love.
Chrysocolla: Teaches the art of communication and projects the loving heart to others. Enables the truth be heard and expressed. Dissipates negative energy. Alleviates depression and stress. Deepens compassion and kindness.
Chalcedony: Boosts creativity and stimulates growth and learning. Balances emotions, increases vitality and encourages speaking from the heart. Brings joy, love and kindness.
Labradorite: Unites all of the chakras. Develops spiritual power and psychic awareness. Strengthens the aura and brings out the best in those who wear it. Increases determination, motivation and attention.
Blue Tigers Eye: Grounding and protective. Increases self-discipline and personal power. Helps one to see clearly, without subjectivity. Brings good luck and prosperity.
Angelite: Brings calm and peace. Restores tranquility to the soul in times of turmoil and stress. Protects against negative energies. Heightens psychic abilities and spirituality.
Aquamarine: The sapphire of the sea, treasure of mermaids. Under strong influence of the moon, it makes it possible to perceive things that we didn’t previously know. Nurtures clear communication, without anger or judgement. Encourages being true to the self, trusting in the universe and letting go. Teaches to make the most of the moment rather than waiting for another opportunity to arise.
Kyanite: Stimulates intuition and spirituality and balances the throat chakra. Promotes justice and truth, diplomacy and fairness. Alleviates stress, anger and anxiety and promotes restful sleep. Acts like a compass for when you need to find direction in life.
Apatite: Clears confusion, cleanses the aura and increases motivation. Light the way to achieving goals. Promotes social responsibility and making the world a better place. Clears blockages and balances all of the chakras.
Fluorite: Protects against stress and negative energy. Assists in seeing the bigger picture. Helps find balance in life and stabilises emotions. Boosts psychic awareness.
Amethyst: One of the most spiritual stones it enhances intuition, spirituality and meditation. Helps develop a deeper understanding of life. Extremely protective and neutralises negative energy, calms the mind and spirit. Facilitates decision making, balances emotional highs and lows.
Lepidolite: A stone of transformation assists in making positive life changes. Boosts trust, acceptance and confidence. Eliminates stress and anxiety.
Hawks Eye: Hawks eye protects the wearer from negative energy and danger. Like the eye of a hawk, it also helps one to gain insight and be a clear observer of situations so that they may make the best decisions possible.
Howlite: Peaceful and nurturing, relieves stress and anxiety. Calms an overactive mind and assists with meditation and spiritual connection. Eases sleep patterns. Increases understanding and patience. Boosts motivation and ambition. Assists goal realisation.
Rock Crystal: The most powerful healing stone on earth. Energy amplifier. Develops spirituality and connection to the universe beyond self. Assists reach transcendental states during meditation.
White Jade: Peace, calm and clarity. Protective of negative energy and thoughts. Eliminate distractions and directs energy towards gaining full advantage of any situation.
Mexican Jasper: Aligns the base and crown chakras. Motivating and energising. Turns ideas into action. Increases determination, self-honesty, solution seeking to problems.
Moonstone: Uncovers parts of the self that  we know least about. Personal growth. Encourages moving into the unknown with perception. Extremely protective stone, especially for travelers.  Balances womens hormones in line with the lunar cycle.
Grey Agate: Security, self-confidence and inner stability. Cleanses the aura. Stimulates creativity and intellect. Develops strength and resilience. Deepens spiritual connectedness, peace and calm.
Rosewood: Protects from negative energy. All-round healer. Assists in goal realisation.
Sandalwood: Soothing and attracts positive energy. Increases optimism and clarity of thought. Curbs depression. Has healing properties. Supports the immune system.
Mukhi Rudraksha: Helps connect with the spiritual self. Aids learning and creativity. Increases personal growth and intellect. Boosts confidence and optimism
Sterling Silver: Sacred metal of the moon, has a strong affinity for the tides of the ocean and water. Increases spirituality and intuition. Has powerful healing capabilities. Reflects light onto the soul.
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