Eastern Hummingbird Skull (Fork-tailed sunbird)

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The smallest bird in the world is the hummingbird in Latin America. In China, there is such a bird that was once considered to be the smallest bird in China, also known as "Asian Hummingbird" and "Eastern Hummingbird".

This is the Fork-tailed Sunbird.

***These delicate & extremely rare little skulls are approx 1 1/2inches in length and very fragile!*** A unique addition to any collection. 

Fork-tailed sunbirds are similar to hummingbirds in several ways: they are light, and they can perform aerial stunts such as "hovering". Nectar is the stable food of fork-tailed sunbirds, but they also feed on flying insects and insects and spiders in the bushes. In the wild, they often flap their wings and "hover" over flowers, sucking nectar with their slightly curved beaks and long, tube-like tongues. They also eat seeds and other foods.

The fork-tailed sunbird is not only beautiful in appearance, but its song is also melodious. Theyoften intermittently emit a pleasant and melodic sound, like a metallic clang. They are active and fearless, quick in action. They always jump and fly between the branches. They often move alone, sometimes in pairs, or in small groups of about twenty.