Halloween Flower seeds

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These seeds produce beautiful orange and black flowers, perfect for celebrating the spookiest time of year. Bring some Samhain spirit into your garden and impress your friends and neighbors!

Calendula: Direct sow in early spring when light frost is still a possibility, and continue to sow every two to three weeks until early summer for fall flowers. Calendula is easiest from direct sowing, but can also be started indoors late winter for transplanting once daytime temperatures are steadily above 10°C (50°F). Germination occurs in 6-14 days.
*As a sun herb, it brings confidence and respect, light, fire, and sun magic, giving strength to spells and enchantments

Black Hollyhock: can be started from seed indoors or can be sown directly outdoors about a week before last frost. Sow at just ¼ inch deep and about 2 feet apart. An early start usually results in flowering the first year. Perennial
*power, mystery and farewells, mourning and remembrance

Marigold: Full sun, to partial shade. Marigolds prefer fertile soil, but can also tolerate dry conditions. Sow seeds directly outside after all danger of frost has passed and the soil has begun to warm up
*the energy of the Sun, used for happiness and uplifting workings.used in magic relating to passion, warmth, and creativity. Traditional flower used in Dias de Los Muertos, used on altars and as offerings in reverence to Ancestors

Nemophila: sow directly outdoors in a prepared seedbed. Lightly cover the flower seed with soil and keep moist. Nemophila seeds can be started indoors in the late winter for transplanting outside once frost season is over.
*mystery, reversal magick, remembrance