Herbal Smoke Wands - with crystal

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Each bundle is created using plant allies that have been lovingly tended & home grown by me. Or consciously wild harvested close to home honouring the Spirits of Time & Place; gathering what's abundant and in season.

onsider building relationship with the humble Plant Spirits around you, that you grow and from your Ancestry & lineage.

These are the ones that will be your true ally on your Spiritual Journey.

No, simply burning Herbal Allies will not "Magically" make everything better! Like anything, working with Plant Spirit Allies it is a Relationship, built on mutual respect and intention. You still have to take action. Herbs, help to steady our nerves, calm our mind, their scent creates a shift in our internal landscape, etc...***
Please Note
I have stopped selling White Sage and don’t use it in my Herbal Bundles.
It is a Ceremonial herb deeply rooted in Indigenous culture. This might make some of y’all mad but in this day & age there is no reason to still be disrespectfully (and extremely wastfully!) using White Sage if you are not Indigenous or in true Ceremony. That plant Spirit Medicine is so intricately embedded in the blood and culture of Indigenous communities and honestly if you have not understood this connection, lineage and potency of that relationship or built a solid and respectful relationship with it yourself, it really is doing nothing for you. And all your are doing is blowing smoke.
✨I said what I said.✨
If you “must” use White Sage, ask yourself why?
And buy from local Indigenous business.