MoonGarden seeds

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Transform your garden into a magical MoonGarden with our night blooming flower seeds! Enjoy the beauty and fragrance of these unique flowers that bloom only at night. Perfect for creating a peaceful and enchanting outdoor space.

MoonFlower: soak seeds for 24hrs prior to planting. Full sun. Unfertilized soil. These do best planted in ground but will do well in pots provided they have something to climb. Start indoors for earlier blooms. Annual.
These beauties patiently wait until nightfall to unfurl. Their fragrance is enchanting!
*symbol of transition and of blossoming in dark times, shadow work, hope

Night Blooming Tobacco: Sow indoors 5-6 weeks before planting out. Gently press seeds into growing media or cover lightly as light aids germination. Harden-off and transplant out after last frost. Grows easily from seed and is quick to flower in the field; plants will yield multiple cuts over the season.
*used in rituals and ceremonies, symbolizing purification and offering.
Evening Primrose: Sow in early spring, in a sunny spot in pots or direct where you want them to grow. Let the surrounding soil completely dry out before watering again. 
*dispel negative energy, promote good luck, and attract prosperity