Numerology/Angel Number Necklace

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The universe tends to communicate in 3’s. Repeating numbers in sets of three are a strong sign that can indicate to us to pay attention. It is a way for the universe to tell you that something is brewing in your life and that you need to give it some thought.

If you are seeing a certain repeating number sequence over and over again, make a note of it, where you are, what you're doing...

111: Listen to your intuition/ Don’t be afraid to be yourself and express yourself.

222: Open your heart / Strike a balance in your relationship

333: Align your mind, body and soul. Perhaps you’ve reached a crossroads but you are on the right path, making the right decisions, and tackling those crossroads.

444: Focus on home and your family. Tap into your Ancestral Roots.

555: Embracing change. Shake things up. Step out of the box. 

666: Revisit your thoughts

777: Be fearless. Good things are coming your way. 

888: Re-evaluate your habits. Move towards your goals.