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Prayers of Honouring Grief

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Prayer is a means of connecting to our elevated natures during times of transition. It is during hardship that we can look both deep within and to the cosmic outskirts for guidance and wisdom. Prayer can connect us immediately and intimately to what we feel: what is current, and where the challenges are. It allows us the secure and quiet space to be able to honor what we value.

To honor is to acknowledge and to celebrate. While it may feel counterintuitive to celebrate pain, what you can celebrate is your ability to access your feelings. Your feelings function is a sense not unlike a muscle that asks you to consciously exercise it. The brain is a complex, plastic organ, and it is becoming ever more apparent how it can become hyper-vigilant, triggered by trauma, confused, disorganized, and overwhelmed. To thicken the plot even more, our nervous systems are operating at warp speed, and we are not yet fully equipped with the tools being modern requires in order to navigate through the obstacles of life.

Prayers of Honoring Grief walks the reader around the compass of life through 28 distinctive modes of suffering to help gracefully navigate the inner territory of what life is really like, rather than what it is idealized to be. The prayers in this book are designed to flow the reader through the process of grief, not skirt the edges of it with logic or reason. They will take you around the compass so that you have an opportunity to go all the way into the challenges grief presents and come through the other side to honor the wisdom and maturity of actualization. The promise of walking around the wheel of life is to leave no stone unturned where possible. If you miss something, it will invite you right back in when you make the final turn; there will always be opportunities to shed more layers as it goes round and round in a spiral all your living days and beyond.