Rose of Jericho Resurrection Plant

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Few plants inspire as much magick & mystery as the Rose of Jericho, also known as the dinosaur plant or resurrection plant.

The Rose of Jericho gets the name of resurrection plant from its amazing ability to "Rebirth" & “come back to life” after completely drying out. And this is the secret to this plant’s success. For centuries, this rare magical botanical has been used to erase negative influences, bring peace, harmony and abundance.

AWAKENING your Rose of Jericho

If you are planning on using it for spiritual purposes, there is a special way you can do this. First, find a bowl large enough to hold the plant once it opens up. (Glass bowls are best, but make sure whatever bowl you choose is sealed or glazed with non-toxic material.) The bowl should be washed, dried, then filled with fresh, clean lukewarm water. Next, hold the dried plant in your hands. When you do this, connect with the energy of your Rose. Meditate, say prayers, chant, picture it filling with your intentions and wishes, whatever spiritual practices feel right to you. When the plant feels ready, place it in the water. After about 30 minutes, it will start to rebirth itself, spreading its branches wide open. This is a beautifully symbolic process to behold. Replace the water with clean water every few days up to 8 days. Then allow to dehydrate completely, the Jericho will close its branches and curl back into itself to rest until the next (and infinite) opportunity for rebirth. You can re-use it again and again.

***When you are working with the Rose of Jericho Abundance set, light the Abundance candle beside the plant. State your intentions clearly as you light the candle. Be careful not to let the flame get too close to the leaves!***

When changing the water you can use the "old" yet magickally charged water to sprinkle around the home to cleanse it of all negativity and bring peace. You can keep some of the water to cleanse yourself before ritual work, wash floors, doorways and anoint candles.  You can keep a stem of your Rose of Jericho in your pocket or a sachet to absorb negative energy.