Witch Candle / Mullein Torch

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Wild Harvested Mullein dipped in local Beeswax.
Throughout history, humanity has long embraced the tradition of crafting torches by immersing dried mullein stalks in beeswax. These luminaries have served as sources of light and bolstered various rituals, ceremonies, and spiritual purifications.

Known by a myriad of names such as Mullein Torch, Hags Taper, Witches Candle, Jupiters Rod...these torches hold profound significance.

Embracing a mullein candle during your Ceremonies & Rituals can greatly enhance its potency and imbue it with spiritual protection.

Energetically, Mullein is specific for grief that can often turn to anger when not dealt with. Ruled by Saturn, Mullein in its essence softens what is hard. Mullein grows in the dry, rocky soil. Often a plant grows in the conditions in which it treats. Our emotions are water, meant to flow like a river and move through us. Mullein teaches us strength in vulnerability and is a wonderful ally to help emotions to move again.